Corporate Social Investment

Like other established businesses in the country and in line with Co-operative principle number 7, Saphumula is concerned about the community she operates in, therefore over and above the main mandate of continuously improving the social and economic lives of the membership, the SACCO does share their profits with the most needy/vulnerable population in the country.

The objectives of our social responsibility programs are to:

  • Ensure that the SACCO has an impact on the society by providing the required resources where they are mostly needed to make sure that we supplement government’s efforts of having a healthy and productive nation.
  • Invest part of the profits that the SACCO realizes for the economic development of the community and the country in general especially organizations that deal with mitigating the impact of poverty in the country.
  • Ensuring that the SACCO is an ethical organization which complies with the international Co-operative principles as articulated in the country’s Co-operative Societies Act of 2003.

The Board of Directors shall decide on the ideal recipient and or organization depending on the need of the community at that particular point in time. Donations are made through legally registered and reputable non-governmental organizations who work for the benefit of the needy. The CSI initiatives are funded from the surplus of the SACCO (in accordance with Co-operative Societies Act of 2003). The board provides an allocation for such initiatives through yearly budgets which are approved by the membership of the SACCO.

Saphumula has donated to the following organizations before:

  • Philani Maswati Charity Organization which is an organization that takes care of the old-age population in the country, which was an initiative of Her Majesty The Indlovukazi of the Kingdom of Swaziland. They distribute food parcels, blankets and other necessities that take care of the welfare of elderly people in the country.
  • Motshane Hope House which is a Christian organization that takes care of orphaned and vulnerable children in the country. They accommodate the children from all the four regions of the country, give them food, fund their education and take care of their everyday needs by giving them a homely environment away from home.
  • National Resource Mobilization Committee (NRMC) , Which in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Agency is helping the country fight the current COVID -19 pandemic. The SACCO donated food parcels to the value of E10,000.00, which we hope will help all those families directly affected.

For further information on our Corporate Social Investment programs you can contact the Saphumula office on -
Telephone: +268 2404 9358 or

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